Every step leaves a trace

Multimedia content of exhibition for the Archaeological Museum in Gdansk

Archaeological Museum in Gdansk for over thirty years  is conducting archaeological excavations within the historical part of Gdansk. As a result of these works each year to the warehouses of the Museum of getting thousands of movable monuments, including those made of leather.

For the purpose of the exhibition "Every step leaves a trace" reconstructed almost seventy pieces of historical footwear using only original surviving fragments. The only modern element, used in renovation are the threads that were carried out exactly in the footsteps left by the old stitches (original strands are usually decomposed under the influence of humic acids contained in the soil.) 

For the temporary exhibition: "Every step leaves a trace." Shoes from the historical collections of the Archaeological Museum in Gdansk we have done:

 10 minute film

  • concept, script, storyboards
  • scenes in studio
  • All illustrations manually prepared

sound system
3 application for touch screens
manually prepared illustrations of 30 shoes
3d scans photos