JavaScript Functional Google Translate API to translate JSON values.

In order to use to API you need to get the API access key which in case of this particular service is not as straight forward as in case of...

The website has honoured Qunabu again

The website has honoured Qunabu again. Our company in January 2019 is among Top UK Web Development Firms on on first page.

Node.js dummy email queue, when SMTP fails.

There are many npm packages that solves the following issue.

Quick tip. How to change Laravel user password from command line.

When you search google on how to change / reset user password most tips includes changing this from the database. Yet there is imho better way that use Laravels Tinker

Drupal 8. Docker, composer, bootstrap, laravel-mix boilerplate. CI on GitLab

I’ve created a simple boilerplate to rapidly develop Drupal application based on the technological stack we work day-to-day.

How to upgrade to latest Gitlab from version less then 10.8

I’ve come across issue when i wanted upgrade Gitlab CE from 10.5 to latest 11.X stable version.

Tuszama Case Study. Meteor.js app

Around 2014 polish government decided that there is too much junk food in schools, so their voted to ban selling it in small shops inside school buildings. As the idea was nobile and right, the result was that most of those shop had to close their business, since they lived from selling donuts rather than apples. The final outcome was they could not buy any food inside school at all.

Photo booth story. How programming is fun after work (during my wedding).

Last week I had a wedding :) It was a great party but this is not a blog about entertainment. Since I’m very enthusiastic about DIY and Raspberry i thought — why not build a self made photo booth that instead of instantly printing images is uploading them on special new instagram account that everybody would have access to. I talked with my brother Rafal and we decided that it shouldn’t be a big deal. So this is how we have done it.

Deploying Secure Meteor Application with Test stage and Landing Page on Ubuntu and Apache including Continuous Integration deployment based on Gitlab. Part 1.

Deploying your own Meteor application is not so easy task when you have VPS like DigitalOcean. In this article I’m going to go step by step with full deployments steps.