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Hello, we are Qunabu Interactive. We're a small creative boutique based in Gdańsk, Poland with a love for all web technology.

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We provide comprehensive services from bespoke complex applications to straightforward websites.

  • Web Development

    Whichever you need, a new website or redesign of the existing one, it's all straightforward with us. With the support of cutting edge web technologies, your business will get a beautiful and well coded site.

  • Frontend

    Responsive Web Design, 60fps transitions and mobile apps has become a business standard. We develop user friendly, fast and efficient solutions for your business needs. 

  • Backend

    Implementing Content Management Systems is our day-to-day business. Except of that we can write you an API, bespoke application, b2b system or even intranet.

  • Content

    Need pictures for the website, 3d panoramas, crew portraits crew, a movie clip of your process or E-cart pack shots? We provide all audiovisual content as well as copywriting.

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Our Process

Our process if focused on client, his satisfaction and goals. Agile manifesto is our guide, "Individuals & interaction over process and tools" is motto that describe our workflow.

  • Strategy & Design

    We believe that the non-computer design stage is a foundation of every project. We'll meet to talk, exchange ideas, sketch and drink coffee until we come up with the best prototype, the one that will be used to create an optimal design.

  • Development

    You will be involved in every step of the development process. It’s to guarantee you get exactly what you wanted when the development is complete. We do our best to make your expectation come true.

  • Pre Launch

    Before launching we focus on testing each scenario in various environments. To get the best possible results we will get you involved in the tests.

  • Launch & Care

    The project is not finished after its launch. We assist you, help you understand and polish your product. The better product, the prouder we are.

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Qunabu was established in 2010 as one person company by Mateusz Wojczal. Since then many people worked in our multidisciplinary team. In 2015 Marcin Zajadło came as a partner.

For many years we had established home and cozy character of our office, yet successful and solid business model. We grow together with market and adapt to increasing expectations.

We focus on client, his satisfaction and goals. Agile manifesto is our guide, "Individuals & interaction over process and tools" is a motto that describes our workflow.

We work with multiple industry type clients. With some of our client we collaborate since beginning which represents for us an indicator of quality and effectiveness.


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Satisfied Clients

tonyTony Dunworth

Director - Head of Digital
Graphical House Ltd.

Qunabu has been a key strategic partner with Graphical House for a number of years. Their innovative approach and trans-discipilnary skill set means that Qunabu are prepared to embrace the technical and creative challenges of any brief.


Rob Innes

Director Wyoming Interactive

Our agency has worked with Mateusz for two years on a variety of digital development projects. These projects have covered front end development, database development and mobile app development where we outsourced elements. Throughout these projects Mateusz has been a great help, providing very high quality coding and fast turnaround times. Mateusz is really easy to work with and is very responsive.


Michał Liberak

Learnetic SA

I recommend Qunabu as a sensible, reliable and committed company, always working in timely manner. We’ve been working together since 2008. The Qunabu’s work includes multimedia design and production, as well as development and maintenance of the Web services. Qunabu achieves excellence in all these areas, providing the top quality services.

The key project, we successfully carried out with Qunabu, was the Learnetic S.A. Web Service - http://learnetic.com

Grzegorz Kwiatkowski

Teatr Wybrzeze spokesman

Teatr Wybrzeże has been working with Qunabu since 2012. The company developed and implemented the current website of the theatre, including the mobile apps designed for phones and tablets. I am happy to say that the website gets a positive response from our viewers and is user friendly, which was a key requirement of the project.


Alicja Kakol

Kozi Grod, the marketing specialist

I’ve been satisfied with your services from the very first moment I had an opportunity to use your product. The website management training and the documentation you provided, allowed me to quickly engage myself as a content creator and update the website with ease. When we expressed the need to introduce changes to the website, you answered with a positive approach. Your proactive attitude and ideas enriched the aesthetics of the website we have at the moment. We can always rely on your prompt communication and individual approach. Your support and professional attitude are exceptional, giving us assurance that our website is in the best possible hands, which cannot be overestimated in today’s market situation.


Krystyna Stubinska

Head of Department od Education
The Polish Maritime Museum in Gdańsk

Central Maritime Museum collaborates with Mr. Mateusz Wojczal since year 2010. During this period he completed several projects for the CMM such as: info-kiosk's software for the Maritime Culture Centre and a program for on-line booking. All projects have been carried out with careful diligence and in a timely manner.


maciek lukianskiMaciej Łukiański

Wspólpracujemy z Qunabu od 2 lat i jesteśmy bardzo zadowoleni. Qunabu potrafi pójść o krok dalej żeby rozwiązać problem klienta. Można na nich liczyć nawet przy najbardziej nowatorskich i unikalnych rozwiązaniach. Możemy z całą pewnością polecić Qunabu jako solidnego partnera, na którego zawsze można liczyć.


Jarosław Jasiński 

Ateneum-University in Gdańsk, Administrative Director

ATENEUM-University recommends the services of Qunabu, the Interactive Agency from Gdańsk. They designed the university web service with efficiency and creativity and then developed the project in a professional and timely manner.

Qunabu proved to be original, creative and fast in providing services for the university. The professional attitude and high quality are undoubtedly the key assets of the Agency.

Qunabu is a reliable company, fluent in modern technologies and most importantly focused on the client’s satisfaction.

The level of satisfaction achieved in cooperation with Qunabu and our assurance in the professional attitude of the company, gives us certainty in recommending them as a reliable business partner.

Szymon Brzóska

In my opinion, Mateusz is a rare kind, combining professional attitude, perfectionism in web development and graphic design, great communication and timely delivery, which many of his competition lack.

I’ve worked with Qunabu for 5 years and have not been let down a single time. I recommended their services to many people, and every single person felt the same.

I’m simply happy there is Qunabu, because they’re indispensable.



  • Mateusz Wojczal


    Founder, Programmer

  • Monika Małachowska


    Co-owner, Project Manager

  • Rafał Wojczal


    Co-owner, Video Director, Photographer

  • Jakub Kudelski


    Art Director, Graphic Designer

  • Tomek Zięba


    Programmer, Tester

  • Krystian Habrych


    Programmer, Tester

  • Mariusz Milewczyk


    Programmer, Tester

  • Jakub Dębski


    Programmer, Tester

  • Piotr Kalinski


    Audio Director

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Qunabu Interactive S.C.
ul. Politechniczna 9/7, 80-266 Gdansk, Poland
tel. + 48 58 500 88 85
VAT NUMBER PL9571077934

Use the form on right for contacting us. Alternatively, you can contact us directly at spam@qunabu.com .

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