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Hello, we are Qunabu Interactive. We're a small creative boutique based in Gdańsk, Poland with a love for all web technology.

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We provide comprehensive services from bespoke complex applications to straightforward websites.

Web Development

Whichever you need, a new website or redesign of the existing one, it's all straightforward with us. With the support of cutting edge web technologies, your business will get a beautiful and well coded site.


Web Development


We base most of our websites on the following open source CMS platforms:

  1. SilverStripe – our favorite solution. As it’s more of a framework rather than a CMS, you get a website tailored to your requirements, not the CMS architecture.
  2. Drupal – if you have a big project or a startup made up of number of various types of pages, users and scenarios, Drupal is the one we recommend.
  3. Wordpress – good for blogs and users accustomed to the WP build-in administrator panel.


If you think of starting an online store, you’ve come to a good place. We'll provide you with a solution that turns the web traffic into dollars. We’ve based most of our e-commerce projects on Drupal ecommerce . It is easy to use, efficient in implementation, and very functional at the same.

Custom Web Development

We also offer custom web development, without limits

  1. Custom-made web application,
  2. Open Source implementations,
  3. E-commerce platforms,
  4. Mobile applications,
  5. Intranets,
  6. Web portals,
  7. B2B systems.

Software development

Web is not everything. We're maniacs of all sorts of software development

  1. PHP Development
    Our studio uses PHP to develop Applications, APIs or custom CMSes. When it comes to framew
    orks, our pick would be MVC one, most likely Laravel or Kohana Framework.

  2. ActionScript Development
    We remember the times when Flash technologies ruled the whole Web and since then (or even earlier) we’ve been very familiar with the SWF files. We've used Flash and Flex to create both online and offline applications.

  3. Mobile Applications
    Lets make it clear - iOS and Android apps has become business demand, which we're happy to respond to. We do the following methods of app creation:

  • HTML5 JavaScript wrappers PhoneGap and Crosswalk
  • Adobe AIR
  • Native development. Xcode and Android Tools (Java / Obj C)

JavaScript Development

We love the fact that JavaScript can be used both server and client side and we’re eager to write this kind of projects when needed.

Fantastic tool that allows to quickly create application with common javascript codebase in JS. 

There are many words one can tell about Angular but one is for sure - it's the most popular framework for Single Page Application and we know how to use it. 

Node.js has become the most popular platform to create scalable web applications. It’s very fast and to create an application in this environment is pure pleasure.

This popular, super lightweight framework helps organise client side application with MVC pattern, giving us no choice but to like it.


We sometimes leave the internet and mobile world to complete other kind of jobs.

  1. Presentations
    We're able to create standalone multimedia presentations

  2. Games
    Desktop, mobile, custom (e.g. build with Arduino controller) – it’s all no problem to us.

  3. Infokiosks
    We offer to design, create and program interactive digital devices

Mobile development

Responsive Web Design, iOS, Android and Windows mobile apps has become a business standard. We develop user friendly, fast and efficient solutions for your business needs.


Mobile development

All our website are responsively designed (RWD) and tested on real devices and various simulators. 

Online HTML5 Apps
Best when you want to create an easily manageable application without the need of making it available in the Android/Apple app shop.

Native Applications
A much more demanding approach in terms of the effort, however the results are unmatched.

HTML5 & JavaScript Wrappers
The fastest way of developing apps that includes texts, forms and other common components.

Adobe AIR
Easy to deploy and almost as fast as native.

Photography & Motion

Need pictures for the website layout, 3d panoramas to show your interior, portraits of the business crew, a movie clip for your band or E-cart pack shots? We shoot them all.


Photography & Motion

When the project we’re working on requires creative photography, we are self-sufficient in providing it. We are capable of shooting high quality photography in terms of the content and its aesthetical values. We are not afraid of any challenges and we are able to take on the most complex assignments. We create 3D panoramas and virtual tours. We shoot both interior and exterior. We are experienced in all kinds of portrait photography.

We create motion pictures besides still images. We manage the whole production process from screenplay through organizing movie set, renting lightning accessories to the actual video shoot. We also edit the video, do post-production and add animation if necessary. We specialize in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. Our resume includes a large variety of video productions such as documentary movies, music videos, various types of advertisement, event documentation, and also live concert recordings.

Our garage is full of photographical gear, we also do have a drone which we love to fligth. 

Audio Design

Good sound is a base for attractive multimedia. We can deliver presentation backgrounds, clip music, application sounds and other audiovisual content.


Audio Design

We’re far from banal and kitsch. We approach each task in a unique way, taking into account the importance of the sound in the perception of the project. We create music and sound from scratch for podcasts, films, event coverage, presentations, adds, games and applications. We record lecturers. We edit and master already recorded sound material. We record in the field and in studio.

We offer a variety of genres and styles – we can handle modern club music, ambient background or vintage sounding rock band – we are experienced and skills to compose and record any music style. Years spent in business let us apply well both the styles and the technique.

We stock an enormous library of sound samples, good to be used in most projects. If we miss something, we go a hard way and create the sound in the house.

We use cutting edge equipment, both Mac and PC based. We have license to use the latest Ableton Live 9 software. We are fluent in Adobe Audition, Audacity, FL Studio, Final Cut Pro and dozens of other VST applications.

We do not limit ourselves to the digital path. We use fine, classic guitar amplifiers, high quality acoustic instruments and naturally achieved reverb.

Our Process

Our process if focused on client, his satisfaction and goals. Agile manifesto is our guide, "Individuals & interaction over process and tools" is motto that describe our workflow.

Strategy & Design

We believe that the non-computer design stage is a foundation of every project. We'll meet to talk, exchange ideas, sketch and drink coffee until we come up with the best prototype, the one that will be used to create an optimal design.


Strategy & Design

Our process in five steps

  1. Research
    First we need to understand your business, its environment and goals.

  2. Planning
    We'll research your current market position and search for creative ideas from there.

  3. Concepts
    Let's make our ideas real. The information gathered so far is an input for a brief after which we can start discussing schedule and cost.

  4. Prototypes
    The blueprint of future design, either a paper sketch or fully navigable html mockup.

  5. Design
    Based on prototypes, we start the design process, with emphasis on User Experience (UX) and responsive design (RWD).

The result of following process is a brief documentation and ready to cut responsive layout


You will be involved in every step of the development process. It’s to guarantee you get exactly what you wanted when the development is complete. We do our best to make your expectation come true.



Our code changes your ideas into a superb web experience.

Our websites are coded in HTML5 and CSS3 with the support of cutting edge Web technologies. At the same time we leave no users behind. We take into account the fact that your website may be accessed from an outdated browser or a mobile device stripped of the Web fireworks. Our sites are fully viewable and usable on most of the devices and browsers, SEO compliant, fast and optimised. Our products are built as software as a service (SASS), as well as standalone, both desktop and mobile applications.

Once we have a working beta version, a client is involved in the implementation as a Product Owner in accordance with Scrumm Process guidelines. It’s the most efficient approach in terms of time and money.

We use GIT version control and Git-flow. All code and features receive reviews and QA before merging into the main development branch. This is done with Gitflow support

For tracking issues we use Redmine - A flexible project management web application. 

To make whole development process transparent we are able to give access to Gitflow and Redmine for clients. 

Pre Launch

Before launching we focus on testing each scenario in various environments. To get the best possible results we will get you involved in the tests.


Pre Launch

Thanks to the Agile development process, we are able to identify bugs and issues before the launch and solve them or even change the process direction if the goals change.

Once the CMS is set up, we'll teach you how to manage the content. We’ll provide you with a complete documentation guiding you in the use of the developed product, so that you and your crew are fully trained when the site is launched.

When needed, we can run A/B Testing to measure the UX of your particular product and select the design that provides best results.

We run stage and test servers so just before lunch client know exaclty how final products is going to look like. 

Launch & Care

The project is not finished after its launch. We assist you, help you understand and polish your product. The better product, the prouder we are.


Launch & Care

We watch your site, to make sure it runs smoothly and when an issue is identified we react quickly. Through the web analytics we help you understand live processes and polish the product when needed. We use Google Analitycs and Piwik for that. If you need a more specific analysis, for example to catch the game cheaters, we use Use It Better.

We're proud that our products live long before anything needs to be amended.


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Qunabu was established in 2010 as one person company by Mateusz Wojczal. Since then many people worked in our multidisciplinary team. In 2015 Marcin Zajadło came as a partner.

For many years we had established home and cozy character of our office, yet successful and solid business model. We grow together with market and adapt to increasing expectations.

We focus on client, his satisfaction and goals. Agile manifesto is our guide, "Individuals & interaction over process and tools" is a motto that describes our workflow.

We work with multiple industry type clients. With some of our client we collaborate since beginning which represents for us an indicator of quality and effectiveness.


Satisfied Clients

  • tonyTony Dunworth

    Director - Head of Digital
    Graphical House Ltd.

    Qunabu has been a key strategic partner with Graphical House for a number of years. Their innovative approach and trans-discipilnary skill set means that Qunabu are prepared to embrace the technical and creative challenges of any brief.


  • Rob Innes

    Director Wyoming Interactive

    Our agency has worked with Mateusz for two years on a variety of digital development projects. These projects have covered front end development, database development and mobile app development where we outsourced elements. Throughout these projects Mateusz has been a great help, providing very high quality coding and fast turnaround times. Mateusz is really easy to work with and is very responsive.


  • Michał Liberak

    Learnetic SA

    I recommend Qunabu as a sensible, reliable and committed company, always working in timely manner. We’ve been working together since 2008. The Qunabu’s work includes multimedia design and production, as well as development and maintenance of the Web services. Qunabu achieves excellence in all these areas, providing the top quality services.

    The key project, we successfully carried out with Qunabu, was the Learnetic S.A. Web Service - http://learnetic.com

  • Grzegorz Kwiatkowski

    Teatr Wybrzeze spokesman

    Teatr Wybrzeże has been working with Qunabu since 2012. The company developed and implemented the current website of the theatre, including the mobile apps designed for phones and tablets. I am happy to say that the website gets a positive response from our viewers and is user friendly, which was a key requirement of the project.


  • Alicja Kakol

    Kozi Grod, the marketing specialist

    I’ve been satisfied with your services from the very first moment I had an opportunity to use your product. The website management training and the documentation you provided, allowed me to quickly engage myself as a content creator and update the website with ease. When we expressed the need to introduce changes to the website, you answered with a positive approach. Your proactive attitude and ideas enriched the aesthetics of the website we have at the moment. We can always rely on your prompt communication and individual approach. Your support and professional attitude are exceptional, giving us assurance that our website is in the best possible hands, which cannot be overestimated in today’s market situation.


  • Krystyna Stubinska

    Head of Department od Education
    The Polish Maritime Museum in Gdańsk

    Central Maritime Museum collaborates with Mr. Mateusz Wojczal since year 2010. During this period he completed several projects for the CMM such as: info-kiosk's software for the Maritime Culture Centre and a program for on-line booking. All projects have been carried out with careful diligence and in a timely manner.


  • maciek lukianskiMaciej Łukiański

    Wspólpracujemy z Qunabu od 2 lat i jesteśmy bardzo zadowoleni. Qunabu potrafi pójść o krok dalej żeby rozwiązać problem klienta. Można na nich liczyć nawet przy najbardziej nowatorskich i unikalnych rozwiązaniach. Możemy z całą pewnością polecić Qunabu jako solidnego partnera, na którego zawsze można liczyć.


  • Jarosław Jasiński 

    Ateneum-University in Gdańsk, Administrative Director

    ATENEUM-University recommends the services of Qunabu, the Interactive Agency from Gdańsk. They designed the university web service with efficiency and creativity and then developed the project in a professional and timely manner.

    Qunabu proved to be original, creative and fast in providing services for the university. The professional attitude and high quality are undoubtedly the key assets of the Agency.

    Qunabu is a reliable company, fluent in modern technologies and most importantly focused on the client’s satisfaction.

    The level of satisfaction achieved in cooperation with Qunabu and our assurance in the professional attitude of the company, gives us certainty in recommending them as a reliable business partner.

  • Szymon Brzóska

    In my opinion, Mateusz is a rare kind, combining professional attitude, perfectionism in web development and graphic design, great communication and timely delivery, which many of his competition lack.

    I’ve worked with Qunabu for 5 years and have not been let down a single time. I recommended their services to many people, and every single person felt the same.

    I’m simply happy there is Qunabu, because they’re indispensable.


If you're interested in what they say about us.


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Qunabu Interactive S.C.
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