Wojewodzka i Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna


Promotial movie and website based on CMS Drupal

Voivodeship and City Public Library in Gdansk

Project included the design of completely new information architecture, integrating several previously unrelated websites in one, taking pictures of all branches of Library, BIP launching, e-shop opening and a few other tasks, for ex. creating of a promotional video.  We have managed this thanks to perfect cooperation with employees of WBPG.

In a very short time (indicated in the public tender), we managed to start a new website of the Voivodeship and City Public Library in Gdansk.

Website contains google translate widget so can be access in any language. 

Voivodeship and City Public Library in Gdansk has a history dating back 1945 - first Library was founded July 22, 1945 in Oliwa. We invite you to watch a short film depicting its history, which we made for the Library.


Whole intranet page contains many modules

  • different authorization group. each branch employee can see different modules
  • regulations, which can be sorted by any value (number, date, author etc)
  • discussion forum with general topics and threats
  • chat (similar to facebook)
  • mass message. can be send to defined groups
  • project management with general projects, tasks, subtasks, groups and subgroups
  • contacts list which can be sorted by any value (first name, second name, email, phone number, branch, position etc)
  • news 
  • notifications (similar to facebook)
  • search box