Konto jak chcesz


Konto jak chcesz - Website based on illustartions and animated movies.

Banking product #kontojakchcesz is available in three cooperative banks - Poznań, Oleśnica and Brodnica, characterized by ease of use and fit to the needs of customers.
For our client Asseco we have created a design concept - illustration style, color palette, typography. On this basis, we have prepared illustrations characters - three ambassadors of #kontojakchcesz - Anna Maria Kabona, Adam Słoik and Karol Stówka
The next step was to prepare a mockup of website, graphic design and its programming.
Our task was also the creation of animated movies - works included: preparation of storyboards based on scenarios, illustration, installation, voice-over recordings and soundtracks.

In summary for Asseco campaign #KontoJakChcesz we have created

  • Branding with hashtag logotype.
  • Landing page.
  • Three independent character illustration.
  • Drawn several storyboards for movies.
  • Three movies, each for one character. Moves are listed below. 
  • Recorded female and male actor voices.
  • Prepared various inforgraphics.
  • Created characters portraits for fake facebook accounts.